This 9 Year Old from Gurgaon Sells Books To Help Stray Dogs!

We should all be taking notes from this brilliant child...




This elementary-schooler has had a pretty revolutionary thought—and it's so brilliantly charitable it'll melt your heart! The little boy has started selling his old books and comics via social media—and he uses the money to help feed stray animals in his area!​

Nine year old Neal Batra (evidently an avid animal lover) goes to The Shri Ram Aravali School and this small, sweet endeavour of his has already managed to garner INR 2,000 (made from selling off 56 books). The plan he has is to put that money to use buying food for abandoned and stray dogs. 

The little boy told the media  "I love animals and have plenty of stray dogs as friends. My closest friend is a young dog 'Chumpie'. We play in the evening and I never leave a chance to feed the dogs in my colony. With the money raised, I will buy food for the animals." 

Putting his love for books to charitable use, Neal sold his entire comic book collection at about 30 bucks a pop—and used his mother's Facebook profile to let people know they could buy them. People stopped by his house to buy them, and so the collection process began. 

He stated that the reason he was okay with shipping those books off because he'd read them all already, and they were just collecting dust on his shelf. So he sold it off way below cost price (which started at around 250 bucks) at just INR 30.

"My parents have always motivated me to do good for the underprivileged. My work does not stop with this. I am already working on another plan," Neal told the media.

The kind child has more plans to raise money in his arsenal–baking cakes and cookies and using that money for the dogs as well. 

Neal, you can sign us all up for 10 batches each.