Delicious DIY Iced Coffee Ideas You Can Make At Home

Trust us, it's a lot easier than it sounds.




Summer iced coffee habits. So cooling, so delicious, so... expensive. 

The ultimate warm weather caffeine fix is a treat, but one that can start to tot up if you're making it an every day thing. The good news? It's super simple to DIY. And it means you can add in all the extra flavours you fancy. 

Here's some ideas to get you started. 


1 | Vanilla almond iced coffee

 photo: hungrygirlporvida.com

Rather than the sugar-laden syrups you'll get handed in coffee shops, the vanilla and almond flavouring in this cup comes from extracts. Plus it uses the cold brew method, for zero acidity. 

Recipe this way

2 | Coconut iced coffee

 photo: halfbakedharvest.com 

Dairy-free? No need to forgo your iced java delights. This version uses a sweetened coconut condensed milk for the perfect creamy texture. 

Click here for how-to

3 | Vietnamese iced coffee

 photo: simplydeliciousfood.com

The Viets know how to do iced coffee. Their version – made with a sweetened condensed milk – is spectacular. 

See how to make it here

4 | Fresh mint iced coffee

 photo: howsweeteats.com

So zingy, so refreshing, so great. Try this brilliantly summer-y twist on your iced coffee fix. 

Fresh mint ice coffee recipe here

5 | Booze-y iced coffee

Yes, you read correctly. There is booze in this one. Has anything ever been more perfect for a Friday night feeling of flagging? 

Get the recipe here