From Abandoned Rescue Animal to Beloved Pet And Instagram Star

Meet the latest Instagram star – Ludwik the hairless guinea pig.




Instagram's got a hot new model! Meet Ludwik, the hairless guinea pig from Poland with over 58,800 Instagram fans.While Ludwik may be living a life of luxury now, he hasn't always been such a pampered pet.

His owner, Agata Nowacka, from Warsaw, found the abandoned guinea pig in a pet shop, where he was suffering from pneumonia, a fungal infection and conjunctivitis.

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She took him in and nursed him back to health, and as he is a skinny guinea pig, which is a hairless breed, he needs regular baths and moisturiser to remain healthy.

Agata wasn't sure if people would appreciate Ludwik's 'unique' kind of beauty, but his Instagram snaps won hearts the world over.

​She told Yahoo, 'I photograph him every day so it can be hard to have fresh ideas, but Ludwik inspires me a lot. It's really nice that people like Ludwik, and accept him despite the fact that he looks different than most pets. For me, he will always be the cutest and I couldn't love him more.'


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