Musician Sonam Kalra Shares Her Take on Feminism

"I prefer to be called a humanist"




​​"Well, if being a strong woman who talks openly about what she wants, speaks out against injustice, and uses her voice to make a change makes me a feminist, then so be it—however, I prefer to be called a humanist. I don't think a feminist looks any particular way—but she doesn't have to fight it by being über-feminine either. It has nothing to do with it. I don't wear high heels, for instance—but not because I think they're un-feminist, but because they're uncomfortable! I think the feminist fight is bigger than that—raising our voices against honour killings, the current rape laws, prostitution—the list is endless. And one of the biggest places to start is by inculcating it in men."

Skirt: Payal Pratap, earrings: Dhora at NIMAI, Photograph: Mehtab Mann, Styling: Zunaili Malik