This is the Best Place to Sit on a Plane if You Hate Turbulence

Where you sit can actually make a difference




Whether you have a full-on fear of flying or just don't enjoy the feeling of bumping around in your seat, turbulence can be a really uncomfortable experience during air travel. 

So where should you sit on the plane to endure less of it?

Well, while many of the common sayings about where you should sit on a plane are myths (for example, 'sitting at the back of the plane is safer' – in fact, aeroplanes are the safest form of transport), you can actually improve your experience of turbulence by sitting in the middle of the plane. 

Imagine the aeroplane is like a see-saw; when you hit a bump in the air, this will provide the biggest movement at the front and back of the plane, while the section over the wings remains more stable.

Choosing a window seat could also help. That's because when you're staring fixedly at the seat in front of you during turbulence, your eyes are telling you one thing (I'm staying completely still) while your ears, which sense movement, are telling you something else (I'm moving up and down). This can be extremely disorienting. 

If you look out of the window, however, you will be able to see as well as hear the slight movements the plane is making (and believe us, these normally are slight, even if your body is telling you that you're bumping and dipping hundreds of feet!)

The most important thing of all to remember, though, is that while turbulence can be uncomfortable, it is not at all dangerous. So while you may not enjoy the sensation, there's absolutely no need to be frightened. 

And, if you're scared, it's worth telling the air crew when you board that you hate turbulence – they can then make sure you are ok if any occurs while the flight is in progress. Happy flying!