7 Awful Things That Happen When You Officially Become a Grown-Up

YOU'RE the grown-up in charge here!




#1. You can't fix a fight in 20 seconds anymore

When you're a kid, you assume things will remedy themselves pretty organically—fixing a boo-boo with a friend is easy-pease, but as you get older, fights run deeper and darker. And even if something SEEMS quickly fixed on the surface, chances are it probably isn't.

#2. Your parents are no longer the people you're most scared of

As a child, no words another life form can utter will ever frighten you more than "Wait till your mom/dad finds out!" Now, however, bosses, friends, and the police (depending on how bad you've been) take over as the REAL villains_and suddenly your childhood demons turn to your greatest source of comfort *cue Lion King's Circle of Life.

#3. Money Legitimately Stops Growing on Trees

Unless you're one of those entitled 30-somethings that never moved out of their parents house, and are working mostly for your amusement, you start having to get your sh*t together. From paying rent when you once took a home for granted to having to fund your own fuel, money stops being that 'thing' someone else hands you when you want to go bar-hopping.

#4. Those freshly washed and ironed clothes simply stop appearing in neat piles every week

Because now YOU have to do that sh*t! Get out that detergent, pull out that steam-iron and get to work, girlfriend!

#5. Bedtime goes from something you LOATHE to something you LOVE

Remember when your mum used to come with that look on her face that said 'pack-up'? At that point, it meant your life was basically ruined for ever and ever, but now you'd kill for that look to come your way while you droop drowsily at your work station at 1am. 

#6. You can't just eat a whole cake without blinking anymore

That delightful metabolic rate that comes with being a child? It sort of fades away with time... That, and the fact that you're no longer chasing dogs and your friends recreationally and generally getting hopped up and boomeranging about the house. 

#7. Your parents go from forbidding you to see someone to urging you to marry someone

In my case, I dodged the bullet (thank you, universe, for my baller parents). But most of the time, a boyfriend goes from being taboo at 15, to essentially a deliverable at 25. The questions go from suspicious 'Are you seeing someone's, to 'Why aren't you seeing anyone?'. Fun times.