10 Cute Father's Day DIY Ideas Even Adults Will Love

Go ahead, celebrate dad's day like when you were a kid!




If you don't already know, ​it's Father's Day on Sunday, 19th June. Now, you could go get him a tie or a bottle of his favourite Cognac, but that's just so…generic! Instead, how about going back to the old-school days, and do a little DIY. These ideas below are really easy to do, and will mean so much more to daddy because you made 'em yourself!  

Portrait Clock

Get the tutorial here

Necktie Eye Glass Case

​Get the tutorial here

Marbled Watercolor Mug

​Get the tutuorial  here

DIY Map Wallet

​Get the directions here

Tiny Tool Box

​Get the tutorial here

DIY Pineapple Wine Bottle

​Get the tutorial here

Upcycle Nuts and Bolts Heart

​Get the tutorial here

Origami Pop-Up Father's Day Card

​Get the tutorial here

DIY Keychain

​Get the tutorial here

Father's Day Treasure Box

​Get the tutorial here