This Games of Thrones App is Pure EVIL...

...and pure genius!




Being vengeful has never been this much fun! Now, now we don't mean it in an 'I'm going to destroy the world' kind of way...however, what we are going to tell you is kind of disturbing. If you're a Game of Thrones fan, your life is about to change [for the better or maybe for the worse, depending on which side you are on!]. 

A new app called spoiled.io​ lets you send anonymous Game of Thrones spoilers to people right after it's aired in the US. We know what you are thinking...awesome, right? Now you can totally take care of your frenemies, annoying colleagues or even a b*tchy boss. 

The app was actually inspired by a real-life incident where a woman sent GOT spoilers every Monday morning to torture her ex boyfriend (who cheated on her). After being blocked, she took to Twitter and Facebook to make him even more miserable (public humiliation always works well). 

And voil​à, you have an app for that now!

Here's a screenshot of the genius woman's ex boyfriend's post on Reddit. Enjoy!