The Verdict On Brexit Is Out!

And here's EVERYTHING you need to know...




There's only one thing on everyone's minds right now...the resounding words 'Did that just HAPPEN?!' booming like an echo off a cliff​. The eagerly awaited verdict on Brexit is finally here...and the results are world-changing. 

51.8 ​ percent of Britain has voted to leave the European Union, and Britain is officially no longer a part of Europe. While this news still has the world reeling from what International Relations critics are calling 'the biggest world decision since the World War II', the world is also wondering what the aftermath of this mammoth moment in history is going to be. 

The first is that the pound has crashed in value to the lowest it has ever been since 1985 ​as sterling fell below $1.35 (INR 92). (So if you're going to the UK anytime soon, now would be the time to stock up on that GBP). 

Prime Minister David Cameron has already started dealing with pressure to resign as Prime Minister. 

Trouble also looks like it might brew on the inside, because of how close (and thereby divided) the polls were on the vote. England voted in alarming numbers for Brexit, whereas Scotland Northern Ireland was far more partial to Remain. 

However, further analysis has said that outcome of the vote will not be effective immediately—it could take years for Britain to leave EU (and could also possibly be blocked or overturned, though the BBC comments that it would be "political suicide" to go against the vote of the people). We, however, are thrilled to be a witness to history in the making, and are waiting with baited breath to see what happens next. Stay tuned!