11 Things You'll Only Get If You Went To Modern School, Barakhamba

You pretty much spent all your pocket-money on patties at Nathu's or Gulzari's Masala Coke




​#1. The only reason you went for functions was the promise of double-break.

#2. You spent WAY more time on the upper-field than you ever did in class.

#3. The cricket team was in a constant state of battle with the boarders.

#4. You pretty much spent all your pocket-money on patties at Nathu's or Gulzari's Masala Coke.

#5. You never took SUPW seriously—official bunking period alert!

#6. You were weirdly proud of your uniform (even though boys wore shorts well into the tenth grade!).

#7. You also never actually took your uniform off when you were home—until it was absolutely crucial.

#8. ​The Banyan Tree was a resolution forum for arguments, fights and arguments followed by fights.

#9. It was totally normal to be found wandering on school ground till 8pm, even though school ended at 2pm.

#10. You learned more from the drawings on the walls of the toilet about how the human body works than any life skills class​.

#11. All the cool kids used to hang out at the CT (Modernite code for the Cemented Tree).

(With inputs by Kabir Andrew Khare and Harshita Aggarwal)