'Blue Wine' is a Thing And it is AMAZING

Well, if Blue Pepsi could happen...

A bunch of twenty-something entrepreneurs have come up with a unique kind of wine that's making the internet go cray-cray.

 Launched by a Spanish company called​ Gïk, blue wine is the new summer drink that has officially dethroned the classic red wine.

Made from different varieties of red and white grapes (picked from the French and Spanish vineyards), this wine is made via a unique pigmentation process. First, white and red grapes are blended. Next, two organic pigments, indigo and anthocyanin, (which FYI, are found in the skin of the grapes) are added to the mix.

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Later, non-caloric sweeteners are added to modify the flavour. This super-sweet drink has about 11% alcohol content per unit.

And if you're wondering what to pair it with, never fear. Sushi, nachos with guacamole, pasta carbonara, and smoked salmon are ALL absolute divine in tandem with this new vino.

We're thinking very Insta-worthy . This is going on our drinking bucketlist for shizzle.