10 Amazing Hacks to Get the Most Out of YouTube

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1. To download a YouTube Video: All you need to do is type "ssyoutube" in place of "youtube" in the URL, voilaà! You'll be able to download the video in any quality available.

2. To download audio from a YouTube vid: You can either use a web-based converter like VidToMP3, or replace "youtube" with "listenyoutube" in the URL to download your video.

3. To watch YouTube on TV: Go to youtube.com and open your Account Settings . Select "Connected TVs" and enter the pairing code shown on your TV screen or gaming console. Yes, it's that simple!

4. To get around international video restrictions: A normal YouTube link looks like this:


Just copy the VIDEOID (that's the "xxxx" string of characters) and paste it so that the URL looks like this:


5. To remix videos into a mixtape: You can remix your fave YouTube vids using DragonTape. Just find the clips you want and drag and drop them to set up the play order on the web app. And, it's done! You can share the playlist with your friends using the auto-generated URL, or embed it with the generated code.

6. To edit a YouTube video: You can get that interesting tidbit of a Youtube vid that you always wanted using, Splicd. This video editor lets you cut down a YouTube video by entering start time and finish time. You can then share the edited clip using the embed code or the URL.

7. To play a video on the loop: To play your fave video on loop just type "listenonrepeat" in place of "youtube" in the URL and you're good to go!

8. To turn the video into a GIF: Turn any YouTube video into a GIF by replacing "youtube" with "gifyoutube". Thank us later!

9. To block annoying adverts: Replace "youtube" with "youtubeskip" in the URL and enjoy watching videos without any interruption.

10. To watch synchronized videos on YouTube: Now you can watch your fave vids with up to 50 people by synchronizing the videos using SynchTube. The web app allows you to watch videos together in real time and includes a chat window along the side so you can IM about what's happening.