An Easy New Way to Back Up Your Phone!

New hard drive has wifi for easy transfer of pictures



It's the norm these days to have lots of digital files now, whether its family snaps, the movies and music you've bought - or even important letters and other documents. As many of these items are so precious, backing them up so you have a copy stored elsewhere in case your computer dies is one of the most important things you can do, whether that's via online storage on an external hard drive.

Western Digital has launched a new external hard drive, the My Passport Wireless Pro which makes it even easier to back up photos snapped on your digital camera as soon as you've taken without the need for a computer or cables.

The My Passport Wireless Pro has wifi so you can connect a camera that also has wifi and wirelessly transfer your pictures to the hard drive and with a 10 hour battery life, it should last no matter how long you take capturing pictures. Alternatively if your camera doesn't have a direct WiFi connection, the built in SD card reader means you can still back up your pictures to the hard drive without the need for a computer or cables.

Also, you can connect the drive to up to either other devices such a smartphonesand tablets and wirelessly transfer the picture to them, allowing you to save and edit. You can use also use the hard drive's battery to charge your smartphone or tablet should it start to run out of juice.

The My Passport Wireless Pro also has the Plex Media Server software built on to it, making it easy to watch videos and music stored on the hard drive on a smartphone, tablet or computer without worrying that they're not in the right format to watch on the device you're using.