The Surprising Trick That Could Solve Your Baking Disasters

It turns out that using fresh ingredients could be the recipe for disaster...




Planning on a spot of baking? Well, it turns out you might want to hold back on buying fresh eggs.

Yes, really.

According to our experts at the Good Housekeeping Cookery School, the secret to gorgeous light and airy meringues is using old eggs.

We're not suggesting you use rotten eggs or ones that have gone past their expiration date – but using fresh eggs will make them harder to whip, and won't give the stiff peaks you need for making meringues, avlovas, mousses or macarons.

When eggs are older, the protein in the egg whites breaks down, making it better for whipping, explains chef Cher Loh. The best thing to do is buy your eggs a week or so in advance, then leave them in the fridge ready for whipping.

If you don't have the time for this, another trick that works just as well is freezing your eggs before using them! Freezing eggs and then defrosting them will also break up the egg whites and help them to whip much lighter and fluffier.

So next time you use egg yolks for anything, don't throw away your egg whites – keep them in the freezer for a rainy day.

If, however, you've already gone out and bought some brand new eggs, just adding a pinch of salt to the egg whites before whisking them will also go a long way in getting the right consistency.