This is the Night of the Week We Get the Best Sleep, Apparently

And it's not Friday...

Ever wondered which night of the week is best for sleep? You might assume it's Friday or Saturday, thanks to our 6.30am alarm finally shutting up for a while – but you'd be wrong.

In fact, researchers have found that it's Tuesday night when people enjoy their best sleep.

An analysis of heart rate data from almost 5,000 people showed that Tuesdays are when we get our most refreshing and restorative shut-eye, which means we should all be raring to go come Wednesday – right?!

Experts aren't certain why Tuesday is the best night for sleep, although they suggest it could be down to a lack of hangovers and rich food, which disturb sleep later in the week.

Interestingly, we actually sleep for the longest at the weekend – an average of 30 minutes extra - but this kip is generally of a lower quality than the midweek snoozing.

So yet another example where it's quality, not quantity, that counts!