​Is It Safe to Store Personal Data in the Cloud?

All myths busted!




Storing data in the cloud means you can access your files from any computer and if your computer gets stolen or breaks, you don't lose them. But these days, you regularly hear about incidences of thousands of web users' usernames, email addresses and passwords being leaked, meaning hackers can potentially access your private personal information and files. So does this means you shouldn't store personal data in the cloud?

The good news is they're actually completely secure, and these so-called leaks are usually the result of users being tricked into handing over their details by hackers who send emails, text messages or even call, claiming to be from the storage provider. We show you how to take the right precautions to ensure your data stays safe.

1.  Always use a strong password that's unique to that account. 

2. Be wary of phishing emails that claim to be from the company you have the account with (such as iCloud and Google) and encourage you to click a link and enter your username and password, often by claiming your account has been deactivated. However these links usually lead to hoax pages and be entering your login credentials, you're handing them straight to the hackers. If you are concerned your account has been deactivated, do not click these links – instead, type the website yourself into a web browser and enter your details there.