The Right Way to Cut a Round Cake

Serving triangles? Think again...

We've just been hit with the mind-boggling realization that we've been cutting cakes the wrong way for our entire lives. Do you take to your round cakes with the triangular slice method? Well, here's a bit of life-changing information—or at the very least a handy tidbit for your next birthday party. 

The triangular slice is not the 'scientific' way to cut a cake. Instead, writer and mathematician Alex Bellos recommends a different approach, which helps keep any leftovers fresher longer. He cites aLetter to the Editor from Nature, ​a weekly science magazine, that dates back to December 1906. 

​Following the century-old notes and illustrations, Bellos cuts a round cake down the middle (gasp!) and removes one long rectangular piece at a time, allowing the two halves, and then four quarters, to be pushed back together again. Check out his video tutorial and prepare to be amazed.

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBU9N35ZHIw[/youtube]

Of course if you really want to up your cake-serving game, break out the dental floss for the cleanest cuts you've ever seen. Seriously.