6 GENIUS Hacks to Lose Weight at Work!

...without any real effort!




1. Move Frequently

It's a fact that we burn more calories while standing than we do while sitting. Sitting in one position slows down our metabolism, so keep your body in motion and lose them calories fast!

2. Say No to All Kinds of Sodas Available at Cafeteria

We're all guilty of binging on coffee and aerated drinks. Ditching that glass of soda or a cup of coffee for green tea/hot water is a better idea as sugary and caffeinated drinks lead to instability in the rise and fall of energy levels in the body.

3. Eat Only When You're Hungry

Next time when you take a break with your work BFF, ask yourself if you're really hungry and if you absolutely must have that sandwich. Otherwise, you're just adding unnecessary calories.

4. Choose Stairs Over Elevators

Taking the stairs is always a good idea even when you're not trying to lose weight as it as it keeps your heart healthy and legs strong!

5. Stretch it out

While you're waiting for a document to download, for a website to load or someone to get back to you, stretch it out. Even fidgeting has proven to contribute in burning calories.

6. Get Some Air

Every couple of hours, leave your desk and take a few quick laps (preferably outside). This will spike your heartbeat and ensure better blood circulation in the body, leading to increased efficiency.

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