Cosmo Readers Share Their Steamiest Secrets

"I once made out with my boyfriend's brother!"

"I met this really cute guy at an inter- college debate, and began stalking him on social media. We were from different cities, so the chances of us interacting again were almost zero. I met him again at another debate, and found out he was actually 16! I was so embarrassed, I never spoke to him again." 

—Raveena S., 21

"I'm sleeping with a guy who's great in bed, but a terrible kisser! So, I want to have sex with him, but I keep avoiding his lips—it's very Pretty Woman, except not as romantic!"

—Mehak G., 29 

"It's awful, but all through college, my best friend was a bit of a fashion disaster. I was really embarrassed by how she dressed—and I felt super- guilty, because I shouldn't have been.I feel much better now that her style has improved; does that make me a bad person?" 

—Anupreet S., 24

"Sometimes, when I've screwed up— like parked my car incorrectly, or cut a queue, I just pretend like I don't speak English. I just stare at the person and go 'Lo siento, no hablo Inglés ¿usted habla español' ('I'm sorry, I don't speak English, do you speak Spanish'). It always works!"

—Zoya D., 21

I once made out with my boyfriend's brother! It was before we started dating, but I'm pretty sure if he found out, he'd flip—he's already insecure about him, and this would tip him over the edge" 

 —Ragini A., 26 ​

Guys Confess:

"I've watched Notting Hill about 12 times—without being under duress from any girlfriends or female friends. What can I say; I'm just a boy, standing in front of a rom- com, and asking it to love him back!"

—Rohan T., 24

"Some years ago, I met a guy at a bar who sweet-talked me into buying him a drink. He came home with me subsequently and asked in the morning for auto fare. He said he was broke, and I didn't think too much about it. A few days later, a friend mentions the same guy and narrates the story of how he made her pay for everything. We decided to ambush the dude and made him pay us both back. I can imagine that boy's mortification but it was quite satisfactory for the two of us." 

—Sarvnik K., 32

Feature Image: Left to Right- Anupreet, Raveena, Zoya