This Video Explains Rape Culture and It's DEEPLY Disturbing

Change, please. Right now.




The very idea of rape culture having seeped into our lives as unabashedly as it has is blood-boiling. With people using it as synonyms for 'having a hard time' (we're not naming names, but you know who you are, Mr Bollywood 'Bhai'), and the startling statistics of how rapes happen versus how many are actually reported (let alone properly punished) are chilling—and this video traces the root of it. 

From throwing the phrase around casually, to blaming the victim, to treating several forms of rape (such as the rape of an unconscious woman) like it isn't...this video brings several extremely important aspects to light.

Don't decide not to go through with watching it—this is something we all need, if not want, to know. 

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