What Your Period Says About Your Life Expectancy

Good news for the late bloomers...




According to one new study, there's actually a huge benefit to having your first period on the later side — specifically, at age 12 or later.

A new study by researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine tracked 16,000 women over 21 years and found that women who have their first period at 12 or older and experience menopause at 50 or older are more likely to live to the ripe old age of 90.

Plus this: those late bloomers were also less likely to have to confront certain health issues, including coronary heart disease and diabetes. They're also less likely to be smokers.

Researchers are still looking into why your age at your first and last period makes a difference in your health.Of course, your menstruation isn't the only factor that can determine your lifespan, so if you were an early bloomer, stay calm. 

You could very well be kicking around at 90, too!