Finally! A Sanitary Pad Advertisement That Shows Real Blood And It's Amazing...

Because it's bloody-cool/bloody-amazing

We're hella bored with those typical period advertisements that show blue blood, girls refraining from physical activities, and not wearing white outfits...right?

But here's an advertisement by Bodyform that will blow your mind and is quite revolutionary. The ad ditches the idea of using blue-coloured water to depict blood, and instead shows a female boxer's bloodied nose, a ballet dancer's bleeding feet and a cyclist's mangled thigh. 

And the video concludes with line 'No blood should hold us back' (whoa!).

Here, take a look...

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q1GVOYIcKc[/youtube]

And did we mention, the video has got more than a million views...for all the obvious reasons!