Doing This ONE Thing Before Going to Bed Can Help You Sleep Better

According to sleep expert Shea Morrison...




​Most of us have been told to not eat too late as sleeping on a full stomach is bad for us. But a sleep expert has now said that snacking before bed will make us have a more efficient sleep.

Shea Morrison told theDaily Mail that eating a big meal before bed is bad for us, but snacking on the right foods can help with a better nights sleep.

But which foods are best?

'Cottage cheese, porridge, a ham and cheese roll or a banana cut up can all work well, while incorporating a bit of a carbohydrate such as bread into your snack can also aid sleep,' Shea said.

Bananas are a great source of magnesium and potassium, while other foods toppings are also rich in vitamins. 'Marmite is rich in vitamin B, which helps with melatonin,' says Shea. 'Bread isn't always great right before bed, but it is true that if you mix a little bit of carbs in with your snack, it can help you to rest and feel full.'

There are, however, some foods you need to stay away from, as they'll distract you from a full night's sleep. 'Stay away from heavy meals, protein, alcohol and meat before sleep. All of these will sit in your stomach longer than you need them to,' said Shea.

Shea also said that keeping a sleep journal and brain dumping everything before bed is a great way to sleep well. 'I swear by mine. For me, it serves as a "brain dump", where I can detail any thoughts, whether it's what I need to do the next day or how I feel that day that I'm writing about. It really helps with emptying your mind.'