4 Simple Hacks to Lose TWICE As Much Weight

So easy, so effective!

1. Eat more, eat right!

It's very common to extend the time between two meals when we're trying to lose weight. However, it works against you because you tend to eat more and fast when super-hungry.

Instead, try to eat something light and nutritious every couple of hours

Several studies show that eating a spicy hot appetizer before a meal curbs your appetite. Reason?Eating anything slowly gives your brain an impression that you are full. Also, spicy food contain chili pepper that's great for boosting metabolism.

Alternatively, you can consume snacks that are rich in fiber (like sprouts, apples, berries, avocados, etc.). Eating high-fiber foods before a meal slashes calorie consumption as they fill you up quickly, making it difficult to overeat.

2. Do strength-training

While exercises like aerobics and zumba are great for burning calories, strength training speeds up your metabolism by increasing muscle mass.

3. Drink tea

Drinking green/black/herbal tea not only makes up for your daily water intake but also speeds up weight loss as it's packed with antioxidants.

So if you like tea, sip your way to a toned body!

4. Sleep more

The longer you sleep at night, the more fat you'll burn. Getting 8 hours of ZZZ's every day controls the production of ghrelin and leptin, the hormones that regulate appetite.

When you don't get enough sleep, your body increases the production of ghrelin (a "hunger hormone") which triggers cravings. On the other hand, production of leptin, a hormone that makes you feel full, decreases.