So This is Why We Love Pizza SO Much

And it's not just the cheese…

Pizza, pasta, potatoes – for many of us, carbohydrates are the ultimate foodie pleasure, and now scientists have discovered a 'sixth taste' that explains just why we love them so much.

For a long time, it's been thought that our tongue can only register five tastes: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and the savoury umami. 

However, a team of researchers have investigated this theory, after noting that it tends to miss out the carb-focused segment of our diet, and discovered that we also have a 'starchy' tastebud.

​The study was conducted by asking volunteers to taste a variety of mixed carbohydrate solutions, which they then had to describe to testers. A significant number of those who took part were able to identify a 'starchy' flavor, which was described as rice-like by the Asian participants and bread or pasta-like by the Caucasians taking part.

As a result, scientists have concluded that starch, as well as being vital to our survival, is actually something we can taste, which explains why sometimes, all you want is a big bowl of pasta to chow down on.