Cosmo Money: A 4-Step Easy Guide to Save More Money FAST!

Cosmo gives you a few valuable lessons in how to save money long-term!




1. Differentiate your spending:  A Cosmo girl needs to understand the difference between essential and non- essential spending on her route to saving the greenbucks! For example, your rent and your electricity need to be paid for without fail. Your WiFi connection, on the other hand, is a non-essential expense. Use the Internet connection at work for most of your to-dos. List all your monthly expenditures and label each as essential and non-essential.

2. Rank non-essential expenses: Based on how important each is to you, take a long, hard look at your non-essential spending. For example If you're shelling out megabucks for a yoga class that you rarely find time to attend, cancel it ASAP. Whenever you feel the need for a physical pep-up, go for a walk instead. Get rid of as many expenditures as you can that are unnecessary and that you can actually do without.

3. Learn to be a smart shopper: Your food budget is a perfect place to evaluate when you are looking at saving money fast. Stop eating out every other night and start cooking. Replace expensive olive oil with a good brand of refined oil. Learn to rustle up one dish meals that are healthy and wholesome. Besides groceries, learn to shop smarter all around. Try hitting sales and flea markets for fashionable clothing. Mix and match what you have and come up with unique DIY ideas for your outfits. Don't rate quality by price alone.

4. Cut Your Costs on Essentials:  Once you've trimmed away unnecessary drains on your budget, it's time to check where you can cut corners on the expenses you've held on to. For instance, is there a cheaper cable package than the one you're currently using? Do you pay for both a landline and a cellphone—could you get rid of the landline? Is it possible for you to cut back on your cellphone plan and pay less per month? These tips help you save a sizeable amount every month.