The Most WTF Movie Scenes Ever

LOL. ROFL. and all of them combined!




Image result for dhoom 1 gifs

When John flipped a cop mobile with his helmet in Dhoom.

Shahrukh Khan flew a cycle rickshaw in Main Hoon Na. Wheelies and Stoppies included.

Dhoom 3: Aamir Rode a bike ON A ROPE and converted it into a jet ski in the next 5 seconds!

Image result for mohenjo daro crocodile scene

No caption needed. The box office collection said it all for Mohenjo Daro.

Image result for joker movie bollywood stills

Joker: Stupid scene. Stupid movie. Stupid everything.

Image result for krrish lid=fting plane

It's Krrish. So, we can cut him some slack.

Image result for rajnikanth robot multiply

Rajnikanth multiplying and making a robo-ball of himself is a just another day in his world.

Image result for singham pulling man out of a flying car

Getting high in Goa! Goa Police in Singham.

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