3 Reasons Apple is Losing its Charm

#3 is actually kinda sad!




Okay! Most of us love Apple and invest a lot of time on our gadgets. But, you've got to admit that the gadget giant is getting a lil boring with its features and new launches and following are some legit reasons for the same:

1. Lack of useful jacks and ports - With the launch of iphone 7, we got a pretty devastating news about the missing headphone jack. That means, bye-bye to multitasking charging while listening to music. Or better yet pay more for the features you once took for granted. But Apple was not to stop at that, the launch of 2016 Macbook pro, Apple got rid of their SD card reader and converted its ports to Thunderbolt in USB type C-format! That means you need a separate adapter for plugging in hard drive, USB or even your iphone. Good luck with that!

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2. Price Increase -​ While the entire world was focused on the launch of the new Macbook Pro, Apple India decided to silently increase the price of the Macbook by as much as Rs.10,000 overnight! The 12 inch Macbook now starts at Rs.112,900, an increase of Rs.6000 from last October. In this global economic climate, Apple seems to be a bit out of touch with their pricing. Sad to know this surge was ONLY made for Indian customers.

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3. Lack Of Innovation - Yes, Apple has been upgrading their products since forever, and there was an annoying software update notification almost every second week but a water resistant technology in 2016? The internet thinks it's kinda late for that. With Google and Tesla, building technology way ahead of their time and Microsoft introducing Surface Style and Surface Pro, we think Apple really needs to up their game instead of taking away the signature features of their devices

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Apple is leaning on their legacy and brand image to sell products now. However, the recent changes made to their new launches have kinda got us demotivated to upgrade to the newest models. Need anymore reasons to agree? Watch the link below:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp4ypElIp2M[/youtube]​