Annual Horoscope: Find Out What 2017 Holds For You

We're preparing you for the good and the bad.





It's going to be a year of surprises with a lot of introspection into your past. You will be letting go of a lot of baggage and may find yourself standing up for what you think is right. This assertiveness will reflect in all areas of your life, and you can expect all kinds of reactions from people but this shouldn't stop you from moving forward. Creative energies will be on a roll but you need to be balanced and grounded. Too much work pressure might take a toll on personal life throughout the year so you have to make a conscious effort to balance things. Post June'17 you will be in an entirely new karmic cycle of attracting new relationships at both professional and personal front. Be as open-minded as you can because before June, you will let go of all that doesn't serve your highest good. You will make a conscious effort to slow down post September and focus on the spiritual front.


You have to lay a foundation for new relationships this year but before that you need to take emotional responsibility for yourself. You tend to take up more than what you can handle and then get tired. You need to break free from this pattern and root yourself to what's important. You will get clarity about important personal matters but you need to forgive people from the past and embrace the new ones. Don't focus on what's missing, focus on what other people are doing for you. Erratic health will create an energy imbalance on and off, but work will get you the acknowledgement you're looking for. Family members will be critical about your past decisions, but you can create harmony in relationships by taking responsibility. Be less impulsive and don't focus on judgements passed by others.


2017 will begin with a bang with new opportunities around work and relationships. It might seem too good to be true, but the key word is balance. This would be tough and while you may think you are balanced enough, think again! It's going to be a year where you question yourself, your existence and everything you want from life. You will reach a point (between March-June) where you will realise that everything is going well for you, but something is missing. That 'something' is nothing but balance. You will reach new heights in all areas with minor restructuring at work, but you can get thrown off guard if you don't find your balance. Materialistic achievement won't get you the gratification you need, work on your spiritual health as well.


This year marks a turning point in areas of fame, career and financial growth. While personal life will be stagnant, you need to shift your focus to creativity and expression. While there is a lot you want to do and you are blessed with an innate gift of weaving ideas and stories, you need to trust that idea and turn into reality and the universe will reward you for your actions. Don't question your ability or creativity. Go with the flow and see the magic that you create especially in your professional life. As you begin to do that, you will attract all the positive people and situations you need, who you will take you ahead. Health and personal life will need attention at some point, but you will be at a comfortable position to handle it.


It's going to be a year full of erratic surprises and decisions. You will be in the limelight for all possible reasons. However, you need to slow down the pace at which your mind is running. You might feel the need to always have the last word. But remember to take decisions carefully as not thinking them through can cause serious damage to those around you. Emotionally, you might feel over-whelmed on and off. Remember that every situation doesn't have to be controlled. Sometimes going with the flow is the best decision. Make a conscious effort to be sensitive to other people's emotions. Don't impose your opinions and decisions on them; else there might come a point between August and October where you end up offending people–and even lose close connections.


The energies of 2017 will bring about all that you have laid the foundation for and manifested . You have a very strong will to get results, but at the same time you are unsure of whether you can handle the responsibility. You need to work on your confidence and self trust. You will try to put in your best and get things perfectly done, but might get put down by self-doubt. You need to re-programme your mind and focus on believing in yourself to get the results. You may get the results, but that don't get ahead of yourself. Get into a habit of inculcating this self-belief as soon as the year starts, because there will be major decision making between February and June, and the energies you invest will manifest into results. Be aware of your thoughts and desires as the universe will bring to you all that you ask for, be it good or bad. Also try and find your passion towards an activity or sport that you enjoy, as it will create a sense of self confidence and faith in yourself.


As you enter this year, you will see a lot of plans, decisions and ideas falling into place. Everything on the career front may seem rosy and picture perfect, but personal relationships will need attention. You have been working too hard on personal goals. But this year will be a reality check of what exactly you have achieved. Don't go by what comes your way till April, but post July, the universe will shift your attention to seeds of emotional baggage sowed in the past. You have been very harsh on people in the past and this year will be creating a ripple effect of those situations in your life. People will be demanding, draining and emotional. You will find yourself regretting and repenting internally, and that's what this year is all about. You need to melt your ego, embrace your sensitivity and seek forgiveness. While you may have always been aware of your mistakes, you never made an effort to mend your ways. You need to break such patterns if you want to sustain relationships. Focus on maintaining the important relationships in your life as work and materialistic goals will eventually be a result of your inner happiness.


A year of transformation, awareness and creativity. You may find the start to be slow, but that's because the universe is giving you time to lay the foundation of a creation that will show results after April. You will find yourself with more reasonability, new relationships and collaboration. This might initially take a toll on your health, but you will find a way to balance it. The key word for you is 'alone time'. You will have so much to give to people around you that you might feel drained or exhausted–not only physically but mentally as well. Life is a cycle of energy, while you are giving, you also need to receive. The best way for you to receive and keep going forward is spending alone time doing the things you like. It could be reading a book, exercising, and writing, cooking or simply listening to music. While people outside may want every bit of your time and energy from you, you need to either learn to say no or simply cut-off from the world for a while. The more time you spend with yourself, the more energy you will accumulate to give to people around you.


The year will start on a good note as you will have clarity about what steps to take for a secure future (when it comes to relationships), but there is a lot you need to take into consideration while taking decisions. You will be rather sensitive and emotional for the first couple of months and it will be difficult for you to maintain a strong front, but eventually you will find yourself getting your focus and strength. You need to be less impulsive and clearer in your thoughts and actions. People may misread or misunderstand you. Your silence can be misinterpreted as a sign of weakness and your impulsive nature can intimidate people. So you need to be more decisive and aware. Once you express your clarity, you will attract people and situations that will support you and encourage to move further. Until then look deeper and create a plan rather than just pushing for things to happen and then getting stuck later.


The year starts with your birthday with new initiations and achievements. You will be in the limelight and see results of all the previously invested hard work. But you may feel something is amiss. That something will be a sense of security in relationships. While the year will bring to you all that you desire materialistically, you will have to work hard for personal satisfaction. Professional life will be on a roll, but you need to filter emotions and people from your personal space that have been draining you out. It will be a year of purification, with people who no longer serve your purpose walking out and you attracting new people for new karmic cycles. While purification will be painful, don't take things personally.


You need to slow down the pace of your mind before you enter the new year. You need to shed old patterns. The last year was all about repeated patterns either in career or personal relationships. You need to look deeper and see what catches your attention. This year will be about patience and understanding. You have a need to control things and people, but now it's time to let that need go and let people be. The more you try to rush people or control their pace, the more issues you will face. If you don't bring this change, this year will also be about repeated patterns, and no major results will be generated. You may get to end of the tunnel with a lot of pushing people against the wall and at the cost of losing relationships, which by the end of it won't be worth it.


This year will be important in all aspects, especially on the professional front. You will be stepping out of your comfort zone and will try things you haven't before. New opportunities, expansions, and career options will be on your mind, along with meeting new people. While mostly everything will go your way and you'll see the results, it's important that you are organised. You have been all over the place lately, but this year you need to be more calculative as you will be working with new people and will be under scrutiny. You need to have proper plans in place. You need to understand that your decisions will create a ripple effect in other people's life. It's important that you operate with a sense of professionalism and prioritise well, so people take you more seriously.

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