11 Gross Things We All Secretly Do At Home

Admit it: Your shower walls have hair on them too, right?

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    Peeing in the shower.

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    Using kitchen sponges for way too long.

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    And your towels, too.

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    Leaving leftovers in the fridge for weeks.

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    Piling up trash bags next to the can.


  • The toilet is so close, but so far away. Bonus points if you brush your teeth in there afterwards.

  • Sadly, just because we pour dish soap on them almost every time we use them, doesn't mean they don't need to be replaced.

  • Nothing is more stressful than having to hunt for a clean spot that doesn't have mascara on it.

  • Even though we know we're not going to eat them and there's an 80% chance it already has mold growing on it.

  • Instead of just taking it out. Can't we just celebrate small victories, like replacing the bag in the first place?