Five Power Foods You NEED In Your Diet Right Now!

And NONE of 'em is celery

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  • Eggs:

    Research tells us that these guys have so much satiating protein, if you scramble up two in the morning, you're likely to eat significantly less all day long!

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    Try: A poached egg—delicious, and the lowest on the calorie front (just a little harder to make than the other forms, though)

  • Garlic:

    You won't just fight killer bacteria and infections if you load up on garlic, you're also likely to fob off any vampire attacks in the future. Plus, studies say that chewing six cloves of it a week reduces your risk of stomach cancer by 50%!

    Try: Working it into your sauces. Putting it in a pizza/pasta sauce or crushing some and putting it into vinaigrette for your salad is the most appetizing way to consume this strong-flavoured bulb.

  • Ginger:

    A spice that blunts the ill-effects of all the junk food and high-fat meals you consume in a day that raise the heart-damaging triglycerides in your blood.

    Try: Grating some fresh into a beverage (hot or cold works: try hot tea or a cold, lemon fizz).

  • Strawberries:

    Hello, yummy! A recent study just found that a few of these tart berries can actually lead you to eating 134 calories less at your next meal. (plus: how delish are they?) Score!

    Try: Whipping them into a smoothie. You keep the nutrients, but get all the extra flavaaaa.