15 Fascinating Facts You've Never Heard About August-Born Babies

Whether you're an August baby yourself or you're about to have one, these things may surprise you.

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    They tend to be confident, strong, and organized.

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    They're in good company.

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    They'll probably end up in leadership positions.

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    They're less likely to suffer from certain mental illnesses.

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    They may find compatibility with other August babies.

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    Their birth flower is the gladiola.

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    They may butt heads with Aquarius and Pisces.

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    They were probably conceived in November.

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    They'll be smart (but difficult) children.

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    They may struggle in school.

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    They love the spotlight.

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    They may love sandwiches more than the average person.

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    They're generally good teachers.

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    Their birth stone is the peridot.

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    People are probably just jealous of their awesome traits.


  • August babies are either Leos or Virgos, and there's a lot to like about people born under those both of those signs, says Dr. Athena Perrakis, an astrologist and CEO of crystal company Sage Goddess. "Leos are confident," she explains. "They're very strong people, physically and mentally — they're very strong-willed. They're alsovery proud and very charismatic." Virgos have just as many appealing personality traits, she notes: "Virgos are very organized, very precise, and detail-oriented. They're reliable and they're also intelligent, practical people. They're charismatic, too, but theirs is a quiet charisma."

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  • Tons of popular celebrities were born in August, like Blake Lively, Anna KendrickMila Kunis, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, and Demi Lovato, just to name a few. August-born people also share a birth month with three former presidents: Barack ObamaBill Clinton, and Lyndon B. Johnson. 

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  • Don't be surprised if your boss was born in August. Perrakis explains that people who celebrate birthdays this time of year tend to end up at the top: "They make naturally strong leaders, because of their charisma and because of their confidence."

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  • s3" target="_blank" data-tracking-id="recirc-text-link">Studies have shown that people born in the winter may be at a greater risk of developing certain mental health problems, including depression and schizophrenia. Researchers aren't entirely sure why that is; experts theorize that low levels of vitamin D in utero might negatively impact the way a baby's brain develops. (Remember: vitamin D is what your body makes when your skin is exposed to sunlight.)  

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  • Perrakis is a Leo, and her husband is a Virgo, and she says these types of pairs aren't uncommon. Leos are ruled by the sun, so they're incredibly passionate, and Virgos, ruled by Mercury, are great at communication and coordination. "It's a really beautiful balance that they strike together, which is why, even though you would not think they would be good partners to each other, there's actually a high number of Leo/Virgo relationships. They end up filling in each other's gaps," she says.

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  • Who knew birth flowers were a thing? The flower of the month of August is a gladiola, which is said to represent character traits like strength and moral integrity. Because of their sword-shaped leaves, when you give someone a bouquet of gladiolas it is said that you are "piercing the recipient's heart with passion."

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  • Dr. Perrakis says it's easy to tell who an August baby won't mesh with by looking at an astrology wheel. The sign directly across from yours is the one you're least compatible with. For Leo, that's Aquarius; for Virgo, it's Pisces. "Those would be the most challenging partnerships," Perrakis says. 

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  • August babies were most likely conceived in the month of November. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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  • The big personalities that Leos and Virgos possess are apparent very early. "Leo children and Virgo children are both very smart. Even as babies, they tend to be developmentally ahead," Perrakis says. Combine that intelligence with their headstrong approach to life and they're unstoppable. "Parents of Leos and of Virgos should be really ready to not just teach their children, but be taught by their children," she cautions.

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  • August babies do have *some* flaws. In research conducted by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, experts found that because many end up being the youngest in their classes (due to cutoff dates), they may be at a disadvantage academically compared to their slightly older peers. Of course, Herman Melville, Julia Child, Neil Armstrong, Davy Crockett, and Lucille Ball were all August babies, and they turned out just fine. 

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  • Check to see if your favorite actor or singer is an August-born baby, because Leos in particular thrive in creative spaces where they aren't constrained by rules. "You see a lot of artists who are Leos," Perrakis says. "You also find a lot of Leos in entertainment, a lot of actors, a lot of people in all parts of the entertainment industry because they are charismatic."

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  • Yep, August is National Sandwich Month. If you're an August-born person and you love a good sub/grinder/hoagie, it may not be a coincidence.  

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  • Leos and Virgos make great teachers, both in and out of the classroom. August-born babies should try to use this to their advantage, whatever career path they choose. "They can thrive as teachers because they have a natural authority," Perrakis says.

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  • This green gem is often mistaken for an emerald, but it has its own hue and is just as pretty (IMO). According to legend, when a peridot is combined with gold it takes on ~magical~ powers, and can even keep nightmares at bay. 

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