5 Extra Romantic Sex Positions You Need to Try Immediately

How deep is your love?




Valentine's Day sex is like amped up Birthday Sex. You'll want to bring your A-game, but also:

1. Make it extra romantic 2. Finally try that something *~special~* you've both been thinking about

These sweet, sweet positions will get you there.

1. Lovers Entwined


Start the day off with a bonding oxytocin boost via morning sex. Try an entwined position on your sides for lazy intimacy. Amp up the oxytocin hit with deep kisses, hugging, and stroking each other's bodies. (If you feel gross in the morning — like, basically everyone — hit the bathroom, do whatever you need to do, then show up for wakeup sex.)

2. Cupid's Arrow


You know how good it feels to have someone on top of you who can really deliver? Give him a sense of that by getting on top, with a twist. Instead of sitting there like usual, slide your legs down between his and rest on your elbows so you're in a switched-up missionary. This playful spin on power dynamics is hot, but what's gonna completely wreck you is how tight and amazing it feels this way. Seriously. You. Will. Lose. It.

3. Lazy Cowgirl


If you're a little more hardcore than lovey-dovey, hop aboard à la Reverse Cowgirl but go lower, leaning down on your arms and spreading your legs super wide. Roll that sexy booty around and let him see what's going down. The insane view, plus you riding his most beloved body part, is guaranteed an honored place in his future fantasy file.

4. The Star-Crossed Lovers


It's tricky to get situated but so worth it once you get in this super-intimate pose. Don't say a word, just look into his eyes and slowly move your hips. Let your gaze drop lower to appreciate how good your bodies look connected, then look back at him, letting him see it in your eyes. So damn sexy.

5. Two of Hearts


Have him sit cross-legged and sit on his lap facing him wrapping your legs around him. Take your time and kiss him deeply, suck his earlobes, and whisper dirty/lovey things in his ears. For extra decadence, have some Champagne and dark chocolates on hand to feed each other. True Meaning of V-day = boozing and eating chocolate during sex.

Jill Hamilton writes the blog In Bed With Married Women. Follow her onTwitter.