Exactly What Writers Feel When They're Dating

Fiction is so much better than reality.




  1. ​Too.Many.Emotions. You feel everything to strongly – be it love, lust, anger, jealousy or hatred.
  2. Subsequently, going underground and feeling nothing at all.
  3. The need to express errrything too explicitly. 'Is it too early to say you set my soul (loins) on fire?'
  4. Comparing your actual lover to your fictional one and, as result, having unrealistic expectations.
  5. Resisting the urge to your turn bae into a fictional character. 'He will sound so much sexier in prose.'
  6. Getting more turned on by intelligence than a surfer's body.
  7. Having your bae quote your favourite author is your idea of 'talk dirty to me'.
  8. Finding good grammar incredibly sexy.
  9. And that makes it almost impossible for you to date anybody who does not have Spelling Bee-level spellings.
  10. Overthinking.
  11. Psycho-analysing.
  12. And then there are times you just want to have inane, moronic conversations, and your date thinks the only way he can get into your (Prada) pants is by being deep.
  13. Having your date pull out a piece of 'poetry' he wrote back in college, because...pants.
  14. When your lover wants to buy you jewels and your heart says 'Murakami'.
  15. Generally, going back to your books, because you feel like real life romance is failing you so badly.