10 Things Women Think When They're Swiping Right

'Why is his hair longer than mine?'




  1. ​'Hmm. Nice beard. Wonder if his front profile looks just as snazzy.'
  2. 'I don't how I feel about that suit. I hope he's not a phony.'
  3. 'I bet he's posing with 100 other people because he's not so easy on the eye!'
  4. 'Oh god! A selfie. Do you think he's self-obsessed?'
  5. 'He's probably really, really short. That's why there are no full-length profile.'
  6. 'Okay, that dog's cute, but can I see your face?'
  7. 'OMG there's something frisky about his jawline. May be he has a gun.'
  8. 'Do you think he'll want to just get into my pants.'
  9. 'His hair is waaay long. This hippie better not make me pay for his drinks.'
  10.  'Shirtless photos on the beach? Oh god! I should really put my pizza away. He probably goes to the gym more than I do.'