9 Times Your Mother Was Completely Right

"You have to learn to cook!"




​Mothers. You can't live with them and you definitely can't live without them. And as much as we hate to admit it, they are right about a lot of things. Don't believe us? See for yourself...

"Come, let me put some oil in your hair."As much as you hated the amount of oil she put in your hair, your luscious locks are proof she was totally right! 

"I don't like that friend of yours!" Somehow your mother figured our your 'friendship' was doomed before you even realized what a hot mess  your friend was! 

"You have to learn to cook!" All those nights spent on unhealthy take out, made you wish you spent a little more time in the kitchen with your mom. 

"He does not love you!" OK, how the heck did she figure this one out? 

"You are going to regret that tattoo one day!" Yep, no surprises there!

"Always remember to save, save, SAVE!" The embarrassing times you saw your mother bargain! Suddenly you find yourself asking for a discount....

"Keep your jacket on, the change of weather is very bad." On point with this one also *cough*

"EAT! Starving yourself will not make you lose weight!" You missed out on so much good food...if only you had listened to your momma! 

"You will understand me one day." And as much as you hate to admit it, you finally understand that her crazy antics were only for your best interest! 

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