The Top 13 Lies Every Woman Tells Men

We may fib to make him jealous or boost his ego! Here, some harmless yarns we're guilty of spinning.




​It's an undisputed fact that men lie (studies say guys lie more than girls, in fact). But what about us? Remember when you exaggerated just a teensy bit about how that hottie at the bar was ogling you last night (you knew your fella's hackles would rise), or when you said you'd be dressed in 10 minutes, knowing full well that you were going to wash your hair, blow-dry it, try three different shades of shimmer… 

Okay, it's confession time. Every now and then, we slip in a false fact to our men, just to make things a little bit more interesting. Or easier. Admittedly, our fibs are of a different kind from theirs, but they are alive and well. "In our relationships, we are more likely to tell altruistic 'white lies' to those closest to us rather than blatant lies, generally in an attempt to maintain satisfaction and harmony in the relationship," says www.units.muohio.edu. Correct. And so we got a few girls to dish out the most-often fabricated stories they tell their men.

1. Guys love to feel needed, so every time I have a flat tyre or the fuse goes off in my flat, I give my man a ring and he comes rushing right over. I'm perfectly capable of handling such tiny glitches, but why get my hands dirty when he happily volunteers and feels macho about it! —Sujata, 24, writer

2. I was the geeky girl in school that turned into, well not exactly a swan, but pretty close. I never tell a prospective male that there was a time when I wore glasses and had braces, and that no guy even glanced at me. Therefore, none of my current beaus get to see any of my childhood or school pics. —Tina, 25, marketing consultant

3. Call it social conditioning, but I know that any guy I'm with will flip if I tell him that I've been with eight other men pre-him. So, for all my boyfriends, they are the only ones I've ever cared about, had any true feelings for, etc. —Aarti, 27, musician

4. There are some things my hubby and I prefer to turn a blind eye to. Like my shopping sprees. He will hyper-ventilate if he knew exactly how much it cost me to buy those swanky stilettos he loves me in, or the price tag on the wallet I bought for his birthday. —Priya, 25, PR executive

5. While I have never said "Oh that? That was a wrong number," I have kept to myself the details of a conversation with an ex. After all, why risk my current flame turning super-possessive? And he will, if instead of saying "He wanted his collection of CDs back," I let on that my past-factor is still itching to get back together and sending SMSes to remind me how good we were as a twosome. Besides, I know it will be held against me during a fight. —Aparna, 29, doctor

6. Any girl can tell you that after a fight with her man, she will have a two-hour cry-fest with her best friend. Every word he said will be dissected, the hidden meaning behind the shrug of his shoulders deciphered—and the poor guy will have zero clue that he's been ripped apart, from his spectacles down to his toe-nails. If he asks, I am likely to say "Yeah, I mentioned we had a spat. That's it". And the same goes when finally, after months of dating, he says the L word. Guys just don't get the kind of telephone-bonding we girls do. —Priyanka, 24, student

7. I might have just a minor case of the sniffles, but I will whimper into the phone to my man about how-w-w unwell-l-l I am. Sure, it's a girlie way to get his sympathy, but who cares if you get to hear "Oh baby, can I come over and make you some hot soup?" —Sheetal, 31, banker

8. I look younger than I actually am, so I usually get away with not admitting my real age. When I met this really cute guy at a bar, he assumed I was in my early 20s, so I let him think I was. —Reetika, 32, interior designer

9. If I go out with my girl pals and end up having a boring evening, I'll never admit it to my man. I know he will gloat over it, so I fudge the details to make him a bit jealous about how I can spend time without him and enjoy myself. —Seema, 22, sales executive

10. I was a terrible student, and I'm quite ashamed of my mark-sheet. When my boyfriend asked me if I was a topper in school, I spun a yarn about a family tragedy, due to which I presumably  performed really badly in my board exams. —Sonali, 21, student

11. I had a huge crush on my 'friend', but he refused to pay any attention to me. So, I concocted a story about this other guy who was supposed to be absolutely crazy about me. And then I asked him his opinion. He got so worked up that he came right out and confessed how he had always liked and lusted after me. —Natasha, 25, designer

12. My man thinks I was the one who'd dumped my previous two boyfriends, and not the other way round. I know it makes him see me as this cool, confident babe, and there's no reason I should admit that isn't quite true. —Tanya, 27, set designer

13. My man went for a haircut and came back with these freaky streaks. He was so pleased with himself that I didn't have the heart to bust him. I let him preen and said he looked great. —Pooja, 29, team leader

14. I'm totally in love with my guy, but he gets impossibly possessive every time I go out for drinks with my male colleagues. It's harmless office bonding, but I prefer not to tell him about these evenings. —Sneha, 23, banker

15. My boyfriend is a complete fitness freak, which means he doesn't smoke, drink or eat junk food. All this is great, except that I like being a little bad when I head out with the girls. So, I will go on a partying spree and indulge in all the things he hates. Then, while telling him about the exploits of the previous night, I'll gloss over the gory details just a little bit. —Charu, 29, beautician

16. Every man thinks he is absolutely fantastic in bed. It is easier to let my current guy believe this myth rather than suffer his low self-esteem if I told him I was faking the Os. —Sonal, 26, lawyer

17. My fiancé's family has terrible taste in clothes and decor. I have to bite my tongue every time I visit his home. He's not likely to feel happy if I point this out, so I just say they're wonderful human beings. —Madhuri, 25, jewellery designer