15 Everyday Struggles of Being an Emotional Person

Most of you will agree with #7




1. It's 3am and you can't sleep because your boss didn't visibly love your work today.

  • 2. You have no time for yourself because you're always focusing on pleasing everyone around you.

  • 3. You blame yourself for everything. 'Maybe he hasn't called because I talked too much'; 'Maybe she didn't say hi because she thinks I'm weird'; 'Maybe my boss didn't smile at me today because she wants to fire me'...

4. Over thinking? You're a pro at that. It's like your brain is hunting for things to overthink. (And then you probably feel worse for thinking so much--why can't you just go to sleep, Mr Brain?!)

5. It seems like you're always the one who cares more. Is everybody else made of rocks and titanium?!

6. Its almost impossible to get over a break up. And even when you do, you think about him when a certain song comes on, when you see a car in the same colour as him, when someone brings up their favourite ice-cream flavour (because, you know, it was his favourite too).

7. Sometimes people accuse you of being too dramatic. But you know you're no drama queen, you're just a sensitive queen.

8. You can hold a grudge for years. That girl in grade 7 who snitched on you? Yeah, you're still not over it.

9. You've been known to cry during very sad movies. And some sad ones. And some not-so-sad ones. Come to think of it, you find any emotional film moment a little tear jerky.

10. You believe in the rule of reciprocity. If you gave someone a present, they should give you one too. If you were nice to them, they need to be nice back, too. Which is why, often, you're confused that people don't seem to get the same rule.

11. You often find yourself reminiscing about fond memories and the 'good days'. You often start conversations with old friends like this: 'Do you remember that time...'

12. You still have Valentine Day cards and teddy bears saved up from when you were 14. Do you have space to keep them? No, but you can't bear to throw them away.

13. You like poetry. You've tried to write poetry. Your favourite kind is always a little sad and laced with melancholy.

14. When someone posts a cute puppy video on Facebook, others laugh, but you get a serious case of feels.

15. You ask people if they're okay. In fact, you can usually sense when something's wrong. You like to think of this as your superpower.

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