7 Tell-tale Signs Your Man Is A Momma's Boy

'He always defends her!'




There is nothing wrong with a guy that loves his mom! After all, if he loves and treats his mom well, you know you are in good hands. But there is a fine line between loving your mom and being a momma's boy. Here are 7 definitive signs that totally means your man is completely obsessed with his mom! Don't say we didn't warn you! 

1) He calls his mom on a daily basis....and she is completely in the loop of your personal life! 

2) He compares you to his mom. Whether it's your cooking or how you clean, he somehow manages to compare you to his mom.

3) He thinks his mother could do no wrong. Even though you know better, he thinks his mom is always right! 

4) His mom still takes care of his chores. Laundry...to cleaning up after him. His mom still does it all for your man! 

5) He always defends her. You vs. her?! He will almost always take her side.

6) You often feel like you are competing for his attention. Because your man gives his mom so much attention, you often find yourself feeling left out or fighting for his attention! 

7) His mom comes over unexpectedly. No heads up... his mom comes over as she pleases!