If Your Boyfriend Has These 8 Traits, Then He's AMAZING!





1) He is honest. Relationships are built on trust and honestly, and if your man is genuine with you, he is surely a keeper!

2) He is funny. One of the best traits a good partner can possess is the ability to make their significant other laugh! If your bf makes you laugh till your tummy hurts, he is an amazing partner!

3) He is smart. Whether it's book smart, street smart... or a combination of both, your man should be intelligent to help make good decisions in life.

4) He is caring. A good boyfriend is always extremely caring and should look out for you. If your other half calls to check up on you or becomes your nurse when you are sick, never let him go!

5) He is thoughtful. When he plans those spontaneous trips or sends you a 'just because' gift, it shows that your boyfriend is always thinking about you!

6) He is full of life. When you are down, he is right there to lift you up, he has the energy of a boxer, and he is always ready to go, go, go!

7) He is respectful. With love, comes respect. If your man respects you when you are alone or with others, he is truly a great boyfriend!

8) He is ambitious. He is always striving to do better, work harder and is never content.