7 Signs You Might Be The Controlling One In Your Relationship

"You try to change him"

1) You get jealous super easily.
If you find yourself getting jealous when your guy mentions any girl, you may have signs of being too controlling. While minimal jealously is perfectly normal, excessive jealously can really mess with your relationship. 

2) You try to distant him from his family and friends.
It is very important to understand that your boyfriend has a life outside of your relationship. He has his own set of family, friends and hobbies. Wanting to keep him all to yourself can actually push him away from you!

3) You use guilt to make him do things for you. 
When you are in a relationship, you willingly do things for one another. If you resort to guilt-tripping your guy to do things for you, you really should stop. You man can start to feel drained and frustrated.

4) You constantly accuse him for absolutely no reason. 
If you find yourself accusing your man for absolutely no reason, you may have controlling tendencies. Unless he has given you obvious reasons to question his actions, it is best you keep your accusations to yourself if you want a healthy relationship.

5) You criticize him all-the-time.
If your guy has complained about how much you criticize him, take it as a huge red flag and stop! Constant criticism can come off as nagging/controlling, which can push your partner away from you. 

6) You try to change him. 
Changing someone to fit your idea of perfection is never a good idea. You fell in love with your boyfriend because of who he is and wanting to change him is a clear sign of being insecure and trying to control the relationship. 

7) You never want him to be alone. 
Just because you are in a relationship does not mean you have to spend every awaken second with your significant other. It is very healthy to spend apart to make time for yourself, your family and friends.