7 Surprising Things You Don't Expect When Moving in with Your Boyfriend

Morning Wood?! WTF!




FINALLY moving in together? YAY! There are loads of fun, happy times are ahead for you! BUT there are also those strange and sometimes annoying little things you never think about while you are doing "I finally got him to commit" dance!  Here are a few things you need to watch out for after moving in with the bf! 

1) You will mirror one another.​ Talking, laughing, dancing like each other will be second nature!

2) Morning wood? Totes normal! Don't wake up confused, it's really something they can't control! ​Take it as the ultimate compliment!

3) Sex every night? Yeah, right! ​Just being real here, but while it doesn't happen every night, it's comforting to know it is always on tap!

4) 'Clean' means two different things. ​What clean is to you, is NOT the same clean to him. ​Embrace it and hire a cleaner!

5) ​You will gain weight. Constant take out, cooking for two, and date nights mean the numbers on the scale WILL move up *sad face*.

6) You WILL want alone time. You may literally be OBSESSED with him, but you will still want your own space at some point.

7) But you may also become a bit jealous when he makes other plans."You're hanging out with the boys...AGAIN?!"