7 Signs He is More Than Just a Friend

Does he actually like me?!



Do you have that one guy 'friend' who you think may have feelings for you? You know the one you think keeps giving you subtle signals that he wants to be more than just friends? Are you unsure and want to finally put an end to your doubts?! Read on to find out 7 easy signs that he wants to be more than just friends!

1) He wants to be alone with youIf you find that your friend is always looking for excuses to be along with you, chances are, he enjoys your company way too much to just be friends!

2) He gets jealousDo you find him getting jealous when you talk to or about other guys?! Does he try to talk you out of dating that other guy? Hmm... sounds like he wants you all to himself! 

3) He acts different around youIs he more caring, affectionate, or loving to you more than his other 'girl friends'? If you feel that he treats or acts different around you, he probably has a little thing for you!

4) He tries to make you laughDoes he constantly try to put a smile on your face? ​If he goes out of his way to come up with silly jokes to make you laugh, he cares about you enough to always see you happy!

5) He compliments you"You look really pretty" or "I love _____ about you" are compliments that a guy gives to a girl he is interested in. 

6) He buys you giftsHas he shown up with a small gift randomly? Your favorite wine or a pretty necklace? That's a very sweet gesture that only a guy that wants to be more than just friends would do! 

7) He flirts with youOk, this is an obvious sign but if you find him constantly flirting with you, chances are, he really does like you! 

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