9 Blissful Things To Do With Your Man This Weekend

Date night just got even better!




Ah! The weekend is finally here and you cannot wait to see your bae! Suddenly, you realize you want to break the norm and do something a bit more fun than the usual dinner date. Here are some fun ideas for you and your man to try this weekend (before or after your dinner date)! 

1) Massage...each other!What better way to spend the weekend together?! 

2) Cook dinner together!Having fun doing something super creative and saving some money?! Heck yeh! 

3) Bar Hop!Who better to grab drinks with than your man?! 

4) Take a workout class!Spinning, dancing, kickboxing...the list to get you two hot and sweaty is endless! 

5) Have a movie date! Oldie but a goodie! Why not catch the latest film and casual dinner like the good old days?

6) Netflix marathon!C'mon... who doesn't love binge watching Netflix?!

7) Get ice cream! 

...because everyone loves a quick ice cream date! 

8) Rock climb! Exercising and having a blast with your man? Yes, please!

9) Go shopping! Shopping as a couple is super fun! Plus, you finally have someone to hold all your bags!