5 Ways Google Can Save Your Relationship!

Google can double as your love guru, thanks to these nifty features.




​We've zeroed in on some of the most popular 'save face' features hosted by Google (and tested by Cosmo staffers!) that are guaranteed to improve your love life. Psst...you'll be thanking us soon!

1 The 'Undo Send' Mail Option

We've all had that moment when we accidentally sent out an unintended e-mail. Now, you'll have five seconds to click 'Undo Send' and save yourself!

ACTIVATE: Log into Gmail. Click on 'Settings'. Select the 'Labs' tab and scroll down to 'Undo Send'. Select the 'Enable' button, and then click on 'Save Changes'.

2 The Shared Calendar

You're too busy to keep track of each other's schedule? Try sharing a calendar on Google—it'll auto update you about the other's plans.

ACTIVATE: You can visit google.com/calendar, or click on the Calendar tab on the top left of your Gmail page.

3 The Cell Phone Reminder

Got lots on your to-do list? Activate Google Calendars and it will send you text alerting you of upcoming events or things to-do.

ACTIVATE: Create a new event in your calendar. Then select 'Edit Event Details' and search for the SMS Reminder under 'Options'.

4 Chat Off the Record

Chatting 'off the record' will save you from embarrassments that could arise from those steamy convos with your guy.

ACTIVATE: While chatting, select 'Options' in the bottom left corner of your Chat screen, and select 'Go Off the Record'.

5 Mail Goggles

So you're out getting drinks with friends and decide to send an e-mail. By using the Mail Goggles feature you'll save yourself from serious morning after regret. Why? It asks you to solve simple math problems before you can use your e-mail.

ACTIVATE: Click on 'Settings' in Gmail. Then select the 'Labs' tab and scroll down to 'Mail Goggles'. Select the 'Enable' button, and then click on 'Save Changes'.