7 Things All Couples Should do Before Getting Married





Are you thinking about marriage or finally getting married to your long time love? How exciting! Marriage is can be super fun but there are a few things all couples should definitely check off their list before tying the knot. 

1) Travel together. Traveling as a couple teaches you a lot about one another. You will also create unique, amazing memories that will last forever! 

2) Discuss finances. Are either one of you dealing with major debt?  Discussing where both of you stand in terms of your finances is very important before you get married so there are no surprises later. 

3) Talk about children. What are your thoughts about growing your family? Do you both want kids? How long do you want to wait? Talk about family planning before tying the knot, so there isn't upset or confusion later.

4) Determine your living situation. Are you moving in with his family or will you both be living on your own after your wedding? It is important you discuss where to live so you both are on the same page of what to expect in the future.

5) Get to know each other families. Spending time with each others families is crucial because you will soon become part of the family. Make it a point to get together with your significant other's family members to show them you love and care for them! 

6) Have arguments. ​While it's important to have a solid loving relationship before marriage, it is also important to argue! Have your share of arguments so you know how to deal with them after you get married! 

7) Spend time apart. Just because you are getting married does not mean you have to be with your partner all the time! Spend time apart and hang out with your friends. It may help you see there is life outside of marriage and make you appreciate your partner more.