10 Small (But Toxic) Habits That Can DESTROY Your Relationship

#5 is surprising, but true!

1. Lack of Enthusiasm
We often find one partner bidding for the other's attention by drawing them into interactions—it could be as simple as saying 'Look how pretty the moon looks' or being involved in planning your evening. Turning towards or turning away from such interactions can lead to discontentment and irritability in the long term between couples.

2. Being Materialistic

Focussing on money and material things with (or without) your partner leads to discontentment and makes you emotionally flat. Instead of planning your next fancy car together, save the same money to invest in travel, or shared experiences, to create more happiness with your partner.

3. Ambiguity over shared roles

This one kicks into effect especially around the house. Being unclear about small roles (like who picks up the groceries or is in charge of cleaning the house) can lead to fights, which cause discontentment between couples in the long term.

4. Spending too much time on your phone

Let's face it—it's always annoying  out for dinner with someone only to have them be constantly distracted and fiddling with their phones. Couples too experience discontentment if one partner is constantly distracted or texting, leaving the other feeling bored or left out.

5. Sleep deprivation

Constantly operating on a lack of sleep can make you grumpy, unhappy and more likely to start an argument with your partner. This behavior in the long run can cause the other person to lose interest.

6.Controlling acts

Snooping through your partner's phone, trying to control who they meet or even being pushy about what they eat or when they sleep all counts as controlling and unhealthy behavior—which can ultimately frustrate the other person enough to make them leave. 

7. Comparisons

Comparing your relationship with others (or even with your ex) can lead to major issues with your partner. No one wants to hear about how 'perfect' your friend's boyfriend or girlfriend is, or how well your ex treated you. This can also cause internal dissatisfaction \which then manifests itself in fights and mood swings.

8. Criticism

Nit-picking about your SO's outfits, habits, or behavior can cause them to get defensive and irritable, and make them feel insecure. This can ultimately create long-term issues between two people in a relationship.

9. Mind Reading

 Assuming what the other person is saying or thinking instead of listening to them first can cause a lot of misunderstandings and lead to negative emotions in a couple. Using judgment instead of compassion and analyzing your partner's behavior can lead to serious issues in a relationship.

10. Letting yourself go

This is both physically and with your behavior. While it is important to be comfortable with your partner, it's also not okay to change your looks or behaviour drastically. If you stop being the person they fell in love with, chances are the love will start to fade as well.