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15 Mind-Blowing Sex Positions That Helped You Survive Last Year

Ride out the rest of the year.

Just because 2016's climax was far from satisfying doesn't mean your sex life should suffer the same fate. Look back on this year's most earth-shattering tips and positions so you can ride out the last few days, and end with a bang.

1. Fifty Shades of Vinyasa

Face it — yoga poses are suggestive AF. Who hasn't thought about butt stuff in downward dog? Further proof: The Reclining Bound Angle Pose (the name alone!). For non-yogis, this means lying on your back with your legs open, butterfly-style. Take some erotic freedom with the name by actually getting bound. If you're not into bondage but still want to feel a little vulnerable, have him hold down your wrists — or better yet, take things into your own hands and tie him up to ride him cowgirl-style.

2. Banana Split

Sometimes classics, like a simple dessert, are classics for a reason. Case in point, this move from the May 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan. Lay back on the bed with your legs split up in the air horizontally. Let your partner work his way in from above. It sounds superbasic, but this twist on vanilla will make you orgasm massively.

3. The Rookie Rock

First-time sex can be exciting and also a hilariously embarrassing disaster. This fail-safe position from the April 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan isn't too complicated or kinky, but feels good for both parties, no matter how much he's packing. Straddle him with your knees bent and toes just touching the bed. Then rock back and forth. If he's bigger than you expected (surprise!), lean back and brace yourself for a shallower ride. The head of his penis and first third of your vagina contain the most sensitive nerve endings, and you'll hit every pleasure center.

4. The Kool Karezza

In a super unfortunate phenomenon called The Coolidge Effect, being sexually satisfied by your partner lessens your desire for that person. Good news is you can hack that backwards biological programming by resisting satisfaction. It seems like a buzzkill, but is actually pretty hot. Karezza sex is basically edging — you get turned on to the brink of orgasm, then back off. A great position for this is to start by spooning, then lift your top leg back over his and turn your torso until you're on your back, facing him, with him still inside you. Show some epic self control by trying Karezza for a month. It'll send your libido off the charts.

5. Bum's Rush

Have him kneel in front of you (and/or declare his undying allegiance) so you can lie on your back with your calves propped on his shoulders. He cups and lifts your butt for support while sliding in, because you deserve to be pampered. Bonus points for some toe-sucking action.

6. CAT Power

Next time he's on top, try the Coital Alignment Technique explained in the December, 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan, a modified missionary position that's way sexier than it sounds. While he's inside you, have him move his body up so he can grind his pubic bone against your clit with every thrust. That little shift combines penetration with clitoral stimulation to seriously up your chances of climaxing.

7. The Electric Threesome

Time to break out the toy chest. Use a vibe or dildo for internal stimulation while you go to town on the outside with an oral sex simulator (a toy that works it's ~magic~ with waves of alternating suction and pressure). You'll get all the thigh-quivering pleasure of a blended orgasm (both vaginal and clitoral) without the innate awkwardness of an actual three way.

8. Plug and Play

Next time you're stumped on what to gift him, make it his-and-her butt plugs. Pop—or,rather gently guide—them in pre-P-in-V sex. To keep the plugs from flying out of your asses like rogue champagne corks, lie facedown with your legs slightly spread so he can lie flat on your back entering you from behind. Take it one step further with vibrating plugs that pulse through all your parts.

9. Woman Down

For super-tired new parents or just generally lazy people (no judgment), this position requires minimal effort and feels just right. Lie on your back with your knees bent, while he gets on his side and enters you perpendicularly. The angle feels amaze and lets you put your feet up. Just try not to doze off while doing it.

10. Dr. Everything'll Be Alright

When cramps descend to ruin your life, deal with them the only way you know how: on your side in fetal position. Have him kneel on the floor (using pillows for extra height, if needed) and heal you with his penis, because that hot water bottle sure as hell isn't helping. Let him do all the work while you lie there wondering why you don't always do it this way.

11. Four-Poster Fantasy

Book the most charmingly old-fashioned hotel you can find on Airbnb — or just hit up the nearest bed and breakfast — so you can finally live out that bodice-ripping, historical romancefantasy. Really, any room with a headboard or bed posts works, but the daintier the space, the more satisfying to defile (especially when the sheets aren't yours to clean). Facing the wall, stand on the pillows and brace yourself with a bedpost, then prop a foot on the headboard. Staying present with your partner is usually pretty important, but this time it's all good to close your eyes and let him fuck you back a couple centuries.

12. Tainted Love

Both men and women have a ton of sensitive nerve endings surrounding the anus, so you don't have to get all up in there to hit a sweet spot. Have him lie back for a BJ. Once he's warmed up, press a vibrator to the area between his balls and butt. While you suck and stroke, experiment with vibe settings (as you would with yourself) and wait for the O face. Trust — it's coming. Then switch places so you can let him show you what he's learned.

13. Reverse Doggy Style

Switch things waaaaaay up by using a fake penis. Wearing a strap-on dildo, try getting your partner into doggy style position, except this time, you hold the leash. Playing with power dynamics in bed is super reliable way to give a dog a bone.

14. The Triple Vacuum

Suction is clutch for giving amazing BJs. And Cosmo's sex tips from around the world prove it. Take just the tip of his penis into your mouth, then suck it so your cheeks sink in (like when you're attempting to contour). Go lower and lower, but continue with the Hoover maneuver. For once, it won't feel like a chore.

15. The Cheeky Monkey

Try out some butt stuff without any actual penetration (everything but). Lube up his penis, then lay down on your stomach so he can slip and slide it between your cheeks (you know which ones). When you feel like switching it up, have him flip around to face your feet. For even more of a feel-good time, touch yourself while he keeps thrusting.