Eight Things a Man Will Do When He is Seriously Into You

Number six is a sure fire sign that he is

Let's face it , we ladies can all be a little man crazy at times . It's especially tricky when you reach that point in a relationship where you want to know where you stand . From obsessing over the fact that he hasn't called us back to wondering endlessly if he likes us or not , we all have our own man mysteries to solve at times. But not to fear , we are here to be your relationship Sherlock Holmes , giving you eight signs in his behaviour that will prove to you that you are his special someone , for keeps.

1.He Notices the little things : Like your favourite movies , brands , foods etc. If he cares enough to remember what you like , then he probably likes you more then a little bit.

2.He lets you know he's thinking about you : Games apart , if a man likes you , you will hear from him constantly . He might respect your space at times but he will check in , wish you good morning , tag you in memes and try and make plans with you often.

3.He will discuss your dreams and ambitions : If a guy is serious about you , he will want to know about your thoughts .He will spend his time and energy on discussing your work , your aims and even help you make them a success.

4.He buys you presents : And these don't have to be expensive or over the top. Even a small act like picking up your favourite chocolate or a single rose shows you that you are someone he takes seriously.

5.He makes plans other then drinking and partying : And we are not talking about Netflix and chill. If a guy really likes you he will ask you out for brunch , an art show or even time to goof off with his friends.

which brings us to...

6.He makes you meet his friends and family : If he is introducing you to those closest to him , then it means you are pretty special to him as well.

7.He doesn't cancel plans on you : Barring the out of the ordinary work or family emergency , a guy who takes you seriously will take his commitments to you seriously as well.

8.He checks up on you : From asking you if you ate your lunch , to checking to see if you got home ok , a guy who looks out for your health and safety is seriously into you as well.

So ladies , if he does many or all of these things , he's a keeper. If he doesn't , then you are better of ditching him for someone who does.