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A Psychologist Just Disapproved of This Piece of Old Love Advice

This changes everything!

Let's face it , we have all heard of these old and familiar sayings about love. True love conquers all, If you love something let it go and of course the most famous of them all, Opposites attract.

But wait , this might now be the case at all!

In a recent study conducted by Michal Kosinki, a psychologist and professor at Stanford University this is really not the case. Both science and intuition, he says, suggest that we choose our friends and romantic partners based on things we share in common .

Kosinki attributes this to the flawed system of collecting such information used in the past by psychologists and researchers alike.

Personality is usually measured using surveys in which people answer questions about themselves. But people often answer these questions incorrectly, based on comparing themselves to their peers and even false self image . The result is that information collected is many times false.

So what is the correct way to gain such information. Social media analysis it seems is the way forward in this department. It is much more difficult to fake say, your pattern of likes on Facebook, which is one of the methods used by Kosinki to reach his informed conclusions.

Well, if nothing that should explain why you could never work it out with you hard rock loving dirt biker boyfriend, even though he was your complete and diametrical opposite.

We, for one, are intrigued and will use this information in future choices in our quest to finding love.